Antonio Brown strips down on Bucs sideline, sprints to locker room on his own

Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown likes to blame others for creating drama, but he remains damn good at it by himself.

Brown was spotted sprinting to the locker room without a jersey or shoulder pads on as the Bucs were driving in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Jets. The Bucs were not penalized despite the fact that Brown was on the field gesturing to the crowd in the end zone while the Bucs had the ball.

Per the CBS broadcast, Brown was upset on the sideline and removed his gear despite pleas from teammates to remain with the team. He threw his shirt and gloves to fans before deciding to make an exit.

There’s been no word from the Bucs about what’s going on. They were able to drive for a touchdown after Brown’s antics and now trail the Jets 24-17 with 29 seconds to play in the third quarter.